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Coralshippingtuty- THE RIGHT CHOICE

We understand the complex logistics requirements of your industry and can offer you solutions to meet them. We also understand the fact that clients have particular requirements with regards to their shipments and provide custom-made services stand above others in quality. Therefore, a substantial amount of our time is spent on conferring with the clients in order to fulfill their individual requirements. Our objective is to perform beyond what is anticipated by our customers in everything we do by working diligently in order to deliver customer satisfaction whether you are a part of a large or small enterprise. We believe that our prime asset is our people. We believe in a philosophy of employing the most proficient people in the field. Our staff is truly passionate about the industry and are invested in delivering precision and perfection. Customers are served by our professional management staff who possess unmatched skills and insightfulness in the industry. Dependability, reliability and trustworthiness are values that drive us to strive for superlative performances in this competitive industry. We are also committed to supporting diversification in a dynamically changing environment which is molded by globalization, continuously altering complexities and changes in demographics and value. Maldives is a tropical paradise and it is an oasis of peace, tranquility and serenity. Tourism is the most prominent industry in the Maldives which accounts for more than 60% of the Maldives’ foreign exchange receipts. Maldives is one of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries encompassing a territory spread roughly over 90,000 square kilometers and there are over 105 resorts located in different atolls. Hence, transportation and logistics have been challenging but our goal is to help them overcome barriers by becoming one of the strongest partners for the resorts and aid them on their high-dependency on local services. We offer a high quality standard of international freight services which covers both the sea and air. We also provide warehousing and distribution, cargo handling, customs brokerage, liner and ship agency service and atoll container express. We deliver incorporated services and tailored solutions for managing and transporting goods. We make sure that critical services and information are provided starting from the raw material and ending with the finished goods sitting on the retail shelf. We aim to be revolutionizing, regulating and simplifying the world of logistics. We are thinkers, makers and pioneers that constantly challenge what is possible to ensure that we provide the best service possible.


Through effective logistics services, we aim to connect people, businesses and communities to a better future. We aspire to be the best logistics service provider in Maldives by providing high value-added services for today’s businesses.


Professionalism: We aim to be open and transparent in the way we work whilst investing in insight to get to the hearts of our customers’ challenges.

Commitment: The cornerstone of our success is our dedication to quality. Everything we do is with the long-term in mind and hence, we are deeply involved in building relationships.

Creativity: We are constantly developing better ways of working. We proactively share it if we find a better way of working and act upon it.

Integrity: We conduct business with integrity and trust.


We want to incorporate and retain value based systems and human resource by applying perceptivities, service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for businesses and society by serving our customers in a professional, honorable and transparent manner. We will appeal to and retain the best people, and provide flawlessly executed integrated solutions and constantly deliver our values to our customers.


Customer loyalty: Keep our customers’ business at the core of everything we do.

Talent development: We will invest resources to help our employees ameliorate their job skills and prepare for professional growth and new opportunities of the company.

Profitable growth: We aim to enhance the investments of our stakeholders and live up to their expectations.



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