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Coralshippingtuty- THE RIGHT CHOICE


Sea freight is one of the most economical forms of channelizing goods. It is the first choice for many businesses and individuals looking for a cost effective solution. We provide cost effective sea freightage services from shipments supported by preferred sea carriers which are worthy of reliance and trust. As we are in complete control of your freight, you can expect a full service from the time we receive your order to final delivery.

We handle smaller shipments as easily as larger ones because not every customer has the ability to fill a complete 15 or 25-inch container. In those instances, we step in with our LCL (Part container load) services. But if there is enough cargo to fill a whole container, we also offer FCL (Full container load) shipments. Our consolidation product offers competitive cost without conciliating the destination’s delivery deadline. The transportation network is already established and reassures that the customers receive their goods in secure condition and on time. We also assure that the exporter focuses exclusively on bringing forth quality products.

Our International Sea Freight Services are tailored as per the requirements of each individual client. Our prices will vary according to the size and need of the customer. It is also dependent upon the shipment commodities and shipment regions. Our expert staff renders alternative solutions for urgent cargo, combining both sea and air services on the same shipment in order to meet deadlines, yet remain cost sensitive without fluctuating in monetary value. We keep ourselves well informed with policies. To get most out of sea freight services, Plan ahead, think big and protect your goods in transit.

Our sea freight capabilities include.
      Importing Full container load (FCL)
      Importing Less container load (LCL)
      Packing and crating.


It is the fastest way to send items that are too large or bulky for parcel couriers. Sensitive goods which has more worth in merit or value are often subjected to extreme time pressures and deadlines. Therefore, we have formulated a customized service plan for each customer and we ensure a high quality service. It is easy to adjust readily to different conditions in order to meet your changing needs. With our comprehensive range of time-definite, guaranteed and cost saving options, we can meet your air freight requirements with reliability and professionalism. We provide a flexible and customer-friendly personalized service to all our customers. And we take extra care and pay strict attention to minute details to transport goods and comply with all the aviation and safety regulations

Our team of logistic specialists can deliver a shipment to challenging destinations by having the experience in managing time-sensitive shipments. They also have the contacts, associates and vendor networks associated with the shipment.

Our services include:
      Packing and re-packing
      Shrink wrapping
      Bonded warehouse storage
      Short-term storage
      Palletizing and labelling
      Import handling and delivery services
      Transport insurance
      Cargo Air Charter services
      Customs clearance (DDU and DDP shipments)


We have majorly capable Customs House Brokers throughout the country that have experience in all regions of import customs clearance. We pay attention to all the details and utilize experience, expertise that are restricting according to rules, and the latest technology to ensure that your supply chain is willing to comply.

We have professionals to take care of your needs, who also have the expertise and thorough knowledge of the import and export policy to direct complicated importing and exporting regulations carefully and safely. We accomplish the same by sea and air very effectively and easily. We are fully capable of assisting the clients in getting their custom clearance and forwarding conveniently. We help our clients in the complex and intricate documentation procedure and in procuring the essential documents required for custom clearance by clearing consignments by sea, and air more efficiently.

We offer the most favorable conditions in the distribution associated with international businesses. Our commitment to priority service will ensure that your shipments are handled professionally and quickly as the department employs a handful of licensed customs brokers and customs declarants who are experienced in processing shipments from anywhere in the world as its origin.

By offering our customers the right solution at the right time, we seek to enhance your satisfaction. We are engaged in offering reliable custom clearing at reasonable charges and we have been consistent in our performance. And the import-export cargo forwarding is carried out utilizing land, sea and air as well as quick customs clearance work

Some of our services includes:
      Achieving customer satisfaction
      Working procedures which are highly efficient.
      IT enables system.
      Customer-centric policy and actions approach
      Complete documentation
      Experience in handling different commodities efficiently.


In today’s highly competitive environment, efficacious warehousing and distribution management is one of the key requirements to commercial success. We provide professional warehousing services on budget, and assure that your product is free from the risk of harm, anywhere and at any time with end-to-end visibility. We also provide a range of value added services that can improve the efficiency and responsiveness of your supply chain even further.

By understanding your issues and prognosticating your business and logistics need, our experts provide solutions that will drive value for your business by being strong enough to overcome challenges and adversity.

Our warehouses are modern, capacious, well equipped and well maintained. There will be a safe storage of goods and we do control checks on entry and exit of goods


We have built a formidable reputation in Project Cargo Logistics which handles unique challenges associated with shipping dimensional. And heavy lift shipments are also handled by our dedicated operations team who have a thorough understanding of handling cargo’s with ports, customs and transport agencies. Our team of professionals are conscientious in paying proper attention to task, and they disassemble equipment prior to shipment and reassemble after delivery. We also understand the sensitive requirements of our customers and give you the guarantee that our cargo handling solutions will lead to an effectively managed shipment. Our team handles every consignment in a customized manner regardless of the shipment’s destination.

A good resonance with liners and break bulk operators helps us to subscribe our customers and partners to services which are capitalistically competitive. Rest assured that we’ll handle all the services from the initial planning to the budgetary time period, and lastly to the final delivery of the consignment at the project site

Our dedicated employees leave no room for erroneousness. We make safe and secure professional shipping of large, heavy, high value and vital pieces of equipment and ensure timely delivery of your valuable goods. You can easily rely on us take the heavy weight off your shoulders.

Our Project Cargo Services includes:
      Site inspection
      Project planning
      Coordinating and supervising transport via air, land and sea
      Loading and discharge
      Transit supervision


Our customers will derive a benefit from the experience of our professional team has settled securely with ship owners and operators. We aim to bring the highest degree of service in collaboration with the port authorities and other maritime stakeholders which would ensure efficient handling of the liner business activities without obstructions or difficulties.

We know and understand what is crucial to vessel owners and ensure you that we will provide clear and unobstructed view in the stages of the shipping process. We will offer you a service which delivers every day in a perfectly consistent and coherent manner.

The following sectors are covered in our services:
      Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC)
      Common carriers.
      Break bulk and Multi-purpose vessel operators.